How to obtain a building permit

Before applying for a building permit, ensure that your intended project conforms to the zoning by-law. Locate the zoning for any property in Newmarket at the "What is my zoning?" page.

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How do I apply for a building permit?​

​To prepare a submission of a building permit application, follow the steps laid out below.

  1. Prepare drawings which are accurate, to scale and describe the construction you are proposing
  2. Complete a copy of the Building Permit Application
  3. Provide copies of the construction drawings including a site plan, two residential and four commercial
  4. Bring all required material into the Building Division at the Municipal Offices
  5. Pay the permit fee (Please note, the maximum total credit card payment accepted for any invoice, permit, or charge is $2,500. Amounts greater than $2,500 may be paid by cash, cheque or Interac)

When will I r​eceive my permit?

Permits are usually issued between 10 to 20 business days if the application along with accompanying drawings are complete and the proposed construction meets all legal requirements such as zoning regulations, Ontario Building Code and the other requirements of other agencies such as the Conservation Authority, the Region of York  and the Town's Public Works department.

What do I have to do after I recei​ve my permit?

  1. Review your approved permit drawings before you begin work and keep the permit posted in a conspicuous place on your property.
  2. You may begin your work at any time once you have received your permit.
  3. Local utilities such as hydro, gas and telephone operate independently from the Town of Newmarket and should be contacted regarding their specific approval and inspection requirements. (Please contact utilities prior to starting any excavation to determine the location of nearby underground services).
  4. Inspection requirements will be discussed with you at the time the building permit is picked up
    1. Inspections required may include foundations, structural framing, plumbing, insulation and vapour barriers, H.V.A.C. and a final inspection before using the new space.
    2. Smaller projects (decks, garages etc.): There are fewer inspections for smaller projects

Please note that the Town of Newmarket requires 48 hours notice for inspection requests. 

For more information on site plans, floor plans, elevations, section and details and mechanical drawings, please view our required documents to acquire a Building Permit​ page.