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​​For all your Civil Ceremony and Marriage Licence questions, we've got answers.

What if I or my partner do not understand or read English?
If you or your partner do not understand or read English, you must provide your own interpreter and they must provide identification. An Interpreter Certificate may be downloaded or provided by the Town of Newmarket upon request. The interpreter should not be one of the witnesses.
When should I purchase my Marriage Licence?
An Ontario Marriage Licence​ is valid for three months after the issue date, so anytime within three months to your wedding date is a good time to purchase your Marriage Licence. 
What do I do if I need a replacement licence?
If you have lost your marriage licence, or if either party has legally changed their name, you must reapply and purchase a new licence at the usual cost.
What should I bring to my marriage consultation?

At the time of the marriage consultation please bring, for both partners, the following four items:

  1. ​A valid Marriage Licence, if not already provided at the time of booking the ceremony.
  2. Photo identification (e.g. Driver's Licence, current Passport or picture Ontario Health Card).
  3. A completed Civil Marriage Ceremony Questionnaire​.​
  4. A receipt for your payment of the ceremony.
How many guests may I have?
For both ceremonies at our Municipal Offices and at a location of your choosing, you may have as many guests as you'd like, we do not place a limitation on the number of guests that may attend.
How many witnesses need to be present?
In order to legalize your marriage, two witnesses must be present during the ceremony.
How old do my witnesses need to be?
Although there is no minimum age for a witness, it is suggested that they should be at least 14-years-old and should be able to understand and appreciate what is happening and be able to give evidence of such at a later date, if required.
Can we play music during the ceremony?
Yes! Any music approved by your Wedding Officiant will be allowed during the ceremony. The couple must supply a music player for their recorded music. 

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