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Newmarket Council enacted a by-law in June 2018 to regulate and license all driving school instructors operating in
the Town of Newmarket.

What is required to license a driving school instructor?

All driving school instructors are to be licensed with the Town of Newmarket and must submit the following original documents to the Legislative Services department in-person:  

Once approved, the instructor will receive a Town of Newmarket licence plate to affix to their vehicle. Please note, Driving School Instructor Licenses must be renewed each year. A Newmarket Driving Instructor Licence is required in addition to your Ministry of Transportation Driving Instructor Licence to operate in the Town of Newmarket.

How does this new by-law affect driving school instructors?
To operate as a driving school instructor in Newmarket, you are required to provide the Town with all necessary documentation to obtain a valid Driving School Instructor Licence. A person who contravenes any of the provisions set out to obtain a Driving School Instructor Licence is guilty of an offence and is subject to pay a fine outlined in the Provincial Offences Act.

What is the Town of Newmarket doing to educate driving school instructors of this change?
The Town will be conducting enforcement blitzes to ensure driving school instructors are not operating unless they have a licence plate affixed to their vehicle indicating that they can teach in the Town of Newmarket. By-law Enforcement staff staff will be conducting routine licence checks at the Newmarket DriveTest Centre. By-law staff will also be performing periodic enforcement blitzes in the "Restricted Area," and will monitor and record complaints received regarding driving schools or driving instructors operating in this area or without a licence.

I am a licensed driving school instructor in Newmarket, am I permitted to practice in the "Restricted Area"?

Driving school/ instructor vehicles being used for driving instruction, lessons or practice testing are not permitted within the “Restricted Area.” However, driving school/ instructor vehicles are permitted in the "Restricted Area" for the following purposes: 

1. Picking up or dropping off a student that resides or attends school in the "Restricted Area." 

2. When a student is using the driving school/ instructor vehicle for their driving test and the vehicle is licensed with the Town of Newmarket 

3. When the driving school vehicle is travelling on major roads bordering the "Restricted Area" (Gorham Street, Prospect Street, Bayview Parkway, Traviss Drive, Leslie Valley Drive and Leslie Street. This also applies to Davis Drive, as this is a major thoroughfare with steady traffic). 

The "Restricted Area" encompasses the designated exam routes used by the DriveTest Centre located at 320 Harry Walker Parkway South. The map shows the "Restricted Area" where Driving Schools and Driving School Instructors are not permitted. Signs are posted at major entrances bordering the "Restricted Area."

Restricted Area Map.png

Contact Information

Town of Newmarket

For information regarding the licensing of driving school instructors by the Town or providing instruction in the "Restricted Area," please contact the Town of Newmarket’s Customer Service department at 905-895-5193 or email

Ministry of Transportation

For inquiries regarding provincial licensing and certification of driving instructors, vehicles and driving school businesses, please visit the Ministry of Transportation website. You can contact the Ministry regarding driver and vehicle licensing by calling 1-800-387-3445.