Application Process

​​​The process to receive approval for matters related to planning and development in Newmarket is regulated by provincial acts such as the Planning Act, the Municipal Act, the Development Charges Act, and other legislation. This page provides a brief and general explanation of the application process for matters related to Zoning By-law amendments and Official Plan amendments. More information on specific processes can be found on other pages within the Planning and Development​ pages.

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Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment Process

​​​​​Preliminary Meeting

The formal application process for any development application starts with a preliminary meeting. Applicants are required to preliminary with the Planning Department before they file an application. This will help ensure that both the applicant and the Town clearly understand the purpose of the application and that appropriate studies are provided to support the application where required. Such a meeting also helps the applicant understand the administration of the planning process in Newmarket. In order to request a preliminary meeting, please fill out the Preliminary Meeting Application Form  and send it to your planning contact.

Application Submiss​​ion

All applications must be submitted with all required specific documentation, information and/or reports with the completed application form and the applicable fees for Official Plan amendment or Zoning By-law amendment approval. This information and the required studies are determined at the preliminary meeting. Once these documents and fees are submitted, staff review the application to determine if it is complete.

Application Review​

The application will be processed by staff who will circulate it to Town departments, the ward Councillor, the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, the Regional Municipality of York, and required public bodies for comments, as well as to all property owners within 120 metres of the subject site. A sign will be installed on the property briefly describing the proposal.

Report to Committee of the Whole​​​​

Once all comments have been received, the planner assigned to the application will prepare a report to Committee of the Whole with a recommendation to refer the application to a public meeting. Notice is provided to the prescribed persons as required under the Planning Act. Meetings related to Zoning By-law amendments and Official Plan amendments are often held on Monday evenings following a Committee of the Whole meeting. At this meeting members of the public are welcome to offers comments on the application. No decision on the application is made at this meeting.

Report to Council

Following this meeting the planner assigned to the application will prepare a report addressing the application and the comments provided by commenting bodies and from the public. The report will recommend adoption or refusal of the application. If Council approves the proposed amendment, it will pass a by-law which will be circulated to give interested parties the chance to appeal. A 20-day appeal period is provided for, once notice of Adoption of the By-law has been given. If no appeals are received by the end of the appeal period, the amendment is in full force and effect.​ In the case of an Official Plan amendment, the amendment must also be approved by the Regional Municipality of York.