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The Town of Newmarket is currently NOT using a free chlorine disinfection method.

Free Chlorine disinfection is one of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change's (MOECC) approved methods for drinking water disinfection in Ontario and is one of the most widely used processes across North America.

Usually, Newmarket uses chloramine to provide a longer lasting disinfectant in the Town's water supply. However, when needed, the Town of Newmarket in conjunction with York Region, temporarily switches to a free chlorine method. The website will always have the latest information regarding the current drinking water disinfection in place. Those affected will receive hand delivered notices.  Free Chlorine is a stronger disinfectant than Chloramine, and it will be used for enhanced maintenance of the water distribution systems to maintain Newmarket's high standard of water quality.

For more information, please read the Free Chlorine FAQ or contact our Customer Service at 905-895-5193.