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When you think of Newmarket, you might think of a hive. Why? Because Newmarket is busily buzzing its way through the new millennium with all sorts of exciting changes happening. Newmarket has a long history as a flourishing marketplace. This is why Newmarket's crest includes a golden hive surrounded by bees. The crest serves as the Town's official corporate seal and is found on the Town flag, official documents, certificates and awards.  Although the crest has changed over the years, the idea of a busy beehive among the strands of ivy, has endured for over 150 years.

Newmarket's  Crest: Details

  • In 1858, the Reeve of Newmarket hired an artist to design a corporate seal which became the crest
  • "Prudence" and "Newmarket Municipality, Ont." were included on the original seal
  • It was 1938 when the current hive image, as seen on this page, came into use
  • The official colours of the current crest are royal blue, gold and green

Newmarket's Current Logo

In 2008, Newmarket adopted a fresh, new, blue and green logo reflecting a thriving, self-contained urban centre. The subtle "N" shape is for Newmarket. The box shape mimics the geography of Newmarket, and the curve shape signifies the arch at Southlake Regional Health Centre, a significant landmark in Newmarket.