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Newmarket's care fund is proud to offer this financial assistance program to make sure everyone can enjoy recreation no matter their financial situation.

Use our calculator below to see what discount you may be eligible for. (estimate is subject to change)

Download care application here CARE Application Form

Application Timing & Process:  Please be advised that due to the number of subsidy applications, the review and approval process takes 3 – 4 weeks from time of submission to process your application. We advise you apply well in advance (minimum 4 weeks) before the registration start date of the service(s) you wish to participate in. You will then be contacted by a Town Employee by either email (or phone if email is not an option) advising you of your application status. Please note that approved funding is not retroactive and therefore cannot be applied or used towards previous registrations made prior to your funding approval.

Who is eligible?
 Newmarket Residents of all ages 

  • Criteria: Submit application form and must demonstrate need for financial assistance with provision of proof of income.
  • Amount:  Eligible 10-50%
  • Do you need more information? Contact: 905-895-5193 ext. 2612 or

To be eligible for care applicant must be a Town of Newmarket resident and the following forms must be provided:

Canada Customs & Revenue Agency (CRA) Notice of Assessment (T451) for each family member that is 18 years old and over 

To find out more about your Notice of Assessment click here

For families with children: 

1. Canada Child Tax Benefit Notice

To find out more about this Benefit Notice click here


2. Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) Credit Notice

For more information about this Tax Credit Notice click here