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  • Notice of Public Meeting: Development Charges and Community Benefit Charges

    Created: Monday, April 04, 2022

    ​Take notice that on Monday, May 9th 2022, the Council of the Town of Newmarket will hold a public meeting pursuant to:

    • The Development Charges Act, 1997, regarding proposed development charge rates and policies that will be applied throughout the Town  
    • The Planning Act, regarding the proposed community benefits charge that will be applied to select developments throughout the Town of Newmarket

    It is proposed that enactment of the Development Charges By-laws and, Community Benefits Charges By-law by Council, would occur on a date subsequent to the public meeting.

    Development charges are levied against new development, and are a primary source of funding for development-related capital expenditures. The 2022 Development Charges Study update relates to the provision of the following scoped services for the municipality:

    • Development-Related Studies
    • Library
    • Parks & Recreation
    • Waste Diversion Services

    Council is required under The Development Charges Act, 1997, to hold at least one public meeting to allow the public the opportunity to review and provide comments on the 2022 Development Charges Study update, related staff reports/presentations, and the proposed new development charges by-law.  

    Community Benefits Charge is a new source of funding for growth-related capital expenditures enacted under the Planning Act and, is to be levied against developments with 5 or more storeys and 10 or more residential units.

    With respect to the Community Benefits Charges Strategy, the Planning Act requires the municipality to consult with such persons and public bodies as the municipalities considers appropriate. This public meeting provides the public opportunity to comment on the Community Benefits Charges Strategy and proposed by-law, both of which will be available on the Town's website in advance of the public meeting

    All interested parties are invited to attend the public meeting:

    • Date: May 9, 2022
    • Time: 1 p.m. 
    • Location: Members of the public may watch the live stream available at, or attend this meeting in person at the Council Chambers at 395 Mulock Drive.

    Documents related to the public meeting 

    Note: If you require the above documents in an alternative format, please email 

    The video will also be made available after the meeting and archived on the Town's website. If there are any technical difficulties during the live stream, the Town will attempt to post the archived video after the meeting.

    You can get involved with this meeting in the following ways:

    Submit written comments

    Written comments may be emailed to In order for comments to be received by Council at the statutory public meeting, written comments must be submitted by end of day May 8, 2022. Written comments will also continue to be received after the public meeting has concluded, after the meeting send written comments to

    Speak to Council during the live meeting

    Individuals who wish to provide verbal representation may provide a remote (live) deputation through the Zoom platform or in person at the Town Offices during the Council meeting. Due to the technical requirements of joining an electronic meeting, residents are strongly encouraged to preregister for a remote (live) deputation by completing the form provided at or by providing their full name and contact information by registering via or by calling 905-953-5300 extension 2203.

    Personal information collected in response to the public meeting will be used to assist Town staff and Council and will be made public.

    Any person may verbally address Council during the live meeting through Zoom or in person, and/or submit written comments either in support of or against the proposed draft by-laws.

    The 2022 Development Charges Background Study update, Community Benefits Charges Strategy, and the proposed by-laws are  available for review and may be obtained from the Town's website or from the Legislative Services Department:

    395 Mulock Drive P.O. Box 328 Station Main, Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 4X7

    Should an individual wish to obtain a hard copy of the study and by-laws, please contact the Legislative Services Department at or 905-895-5193.


    Inquiries should be directed to Frank Wu, Development & Infrastructure Services at or 905-716-7530.