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  • Are you on the List? Check the List that over 60,000 Newmarket voters are on

    Created: Thursday, September 15, 2022

    The one month municipal election countdown starts today – on October 15 Newmarket voters can start casting their online ballots to flex their democratic muscles and have a say in shaping their community. But before residents go to the online polls, the elections team is urging Newmarket residents to make sure they are on the most important list this season, the Municipal Voters’ List. As of September 12, 2022 there are 61,366 eligible electors listed on the Newmarket Municipal Voters’ List.

    “This fall, the Newmarket Voters’ List is the list you need to be on,” says Kiran Saini, Manager, Legislative Services/Deputy Town Clerk. “We know these last few years many have moved to Newmarket, moved within Newmarket, gained their Canadian citizenship or hit that milestone of turning 18. Even if you voted in a recent election, you should check the Voters’ List to make sure you’re on it, and your information is correct.  And, it takes less than five minutes to register.”

    Check the Voters’ List
    In early October, all registered and eligible Newmarket voters, who are on the List, will receive their Voter Instruction Letter in the mail containing their unique voting Personal Identification Number (PIN) and online voting instructions. But first, residents need to check the Municipal Voters’ List at to add themselves to the List, or check that their information is correct.

    An easy-to-use, secure online form has been created where they can type their name, birthdate, and address to find out instantly if they are on the List. If their information needs to be changed or added, they simply follow the instructions and prompts to update or add their information. Voters who are adding themselves to the List will need to upload an image of acceptable personal identification that includes their name and address. Even those who voted in a recent election should check their Municipal Voters’ List information because the municipal list is separate from the provincial and federal voters’ list.

    To be eligible to vote in Newmarket's 2022 Municipal Election a person must be:
    • A Canadian citizen; and
    • 18 years of age or older; and
    • A resident of the Town of Newmarket; or
    • A non-resident who is, or whose spouse is, an owner or tenant of land in the Town of Newmarket; and
    • Not prohibited from voting by law.
    Come see us at the Elections Open House!
    The Town is hosting a one-stop drop-in Elections Open House at the Municipal Offices (395 Mulock Drive) on Wednesday, September 28 from 7 to 9 p.m. to answer all election questions, get voters on the List and more. Attendees can learn about the online voting system, see who is on the ballot and talk with staff about the voting process.

    As a bonus, anyone who is on the Voters’ List will automatically be entered into a draw for the chance to win one of three Recreation and Culture prizes:
    • 1 family Recreation pass for a year ($600 approximate value)
    • 1 $100 Recreation & Culture programming credit (to be applied to any recreation & culture programs)
    • 1 free swim lesson ($50 approximate value)
    Winners will be drawn randomly from the Voters’ List following the election.

    The voting period for the Newmarket Municipal Election runs over 10 days, from Saturday, October 15 to Monday, October 24, and voters can cast their ballot online, anytime during this time.  In addition to checking their information on the Municipal Voters’ List, voters and anyone interested in the 2022 Newmarket Municipal Election can find out who is running as a candidate, and learn more by visiting