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  • Take extra caution around watercourses and stormwater ponds. Do not skate on these surfaces.

    Created: Monday, December 18, 2023

    ​Newmarket would like to residents to take caution around local bodies of water such as Fairy Lake, the Holland River, and stormwater ponds. The stormwater ponds may look safe, but it's what's below the surface that makes them different from regular ponds. As a result, water flow and water levels can fluctuate quickly without warning. Please stay off these ice surfaces as they are not safe for winter activities like skating.

    Ponds for stormwater management collect, hold, and treat rainwater. They are not meant for skating. Stormwater ponds are made to stop flooding, reduce erosion, and enhance the quality of the water before it is gradually released back into the closest stream or river. Please take extra caution around all bodies of water and remind children to not play in the area.