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  • Construction starts on Newmarket’s landmark Mulock Park

    Created: Friday, January 19, 2024

    This week, the Town of Newmarket's contractor, Matheson Constructors Ltd. is set to begin construction on the Town's largest capital project, the 16-acre, four-season Mulock Park. The Town was proud to purchase and protect this green space for future generations.The first stage in the park's construction is selective tree removal, focused on removing invasive species, trees in poor health and others to bring the community's vision to life on this iconic property. 

    The property is now home to approximately 610 trees. To transform the former private property into a public park, about 150 trees will be removed (one third of which are in poor condition) and approximately 490 new trees will be planted. The overall property will benefit from an ongoing higher level of stewardship.  When the Mulock Park is complete more trees will be planted than removed, bringing the total to approximately 950 trees, forming an important part of Newmarket's tree canopy. 

    "Council has instilled the importance of keeping Mulock Park natural since the beginning and I'm impressed by the incredible thought, care and expertise that has gone into every stage of design to fulfil this guiding principle," says Mayor John Taylor. "The Town purchased the storied Mulock Estate to bring it into public ownership and build on its legacy as a place for environmental care and social gatherings. Some trees will come down shortly to make way for this vision, but in the end, Mulock Park will be a beautifully treed, open green space, and multi-faceted park that the community can enjoy for generations to come." 


    To guide the selective tree removal and replacement, the Town alongside experts in landscape architecture and ecology have developed a Tree Stewardship Program. This program is focused on naturalizing key parts of the existing space, and increasing the quality, number, and health of the trees.  

    Highlights of the Tree Stewardship Program: 

    • Three times as many trees will be planted, as are removed.  
    • Trees removed will be used in benches and other furnature on site, landscaping, ground cover, and in some cases returned to the naturalized forest floor to feed the landscape and enhance the ecology. One example is to create a log amphitheater for storytelling.  Other trees may be re-used as part of the natural discovery playscape or in public art. 
    • New building sites have been carefully selected to ensure the building will not damage the tree canopy or its roots. 
    • New paths and access roads follow existing routes, so that tree roots will be protected from further damage. For example, the skate trail follows a former driveway for the lowest impact on the trees. 
    • During construction, the contractor is required to build and maintain temporary tree protection fencing to the arborist's approval. 
    • New plantings for the park will be selected to re-naturalize the ground level in many forest areas.  As trees reach the end of their natural lives in the future, they will be replaced with saplings which will grow from the forest floor, just like in nature. 
    • All new trees will be native species which are adapted to our Region and provide habitat for native animals, birds, and insects. 


    In addition to selective tree removal, here's what the community can expect at the start of construction: 

    • Fencing will go up to maintain a safe construction site and protect the public. 
    • Tree protection fencing will be put in place to create a "no go" zone and ensure the trees are protected from construction traffic.  
    • Construction equipment will start rolling in to move the earth. Soil will be relocated on the site to minimize the number of trucks moving to and from the site and reduce our environmental footprint. 
    • Traffic from construction vehicles may increase during the week on Yonge Street and Mulock Drive.  The Town is working with the contractor to ensure minimal disruption to the community.  

    The Town reminds residents that, as with any landscape and construction project, there will be some digging and removals happening before it can all be put together and come to life.  The Tree Stewardship Program is focused on creating a healthy ecological system to transform a beautiful property into a park with a full ecology strategy to ensure trees within the park grow and thrive for generations to come.  


    Learn more about the selective tree removal locations and read "Boots on the Ground" updates at


    About Mulock Park 

    Mulock Park is a 16-acre multi-faceted green space nestled at the corner of Yonge Street and Mulock Drive, a high-density, urban area of Newmarket, just north of the GTA. The Mulock site contains layers of diverse histories, starting with the initial stewards of the land, the Indigenous First Nations. The Town of Newmarket purchased the property from the family of notable Canadian and Newmarket resident, Sir William Mulock. Thousands of community members were engaged in creating a vision for the park. Set to open in 2026, the four-season park will include a winter skate trail through the woods, two unique water features for summer cooling, a greenhouse conservatory connected to a studio space for a rotating artist residency, public art across the site, space for concerts and events and a network of paths for open exploration. The Mulock House is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act and will be preserved, updated, and re-imagined with a café, event space and art gallery in partnership with the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).  


    About the Park Project Contractor  

    Matheson Constructors Ltd. is an Aurora-based general contractor with expertise spanning buildings, civil infrastructure, industrial, and interiors. Matheson uses the latest digital technology to help their partners solve complex construction challenges to deliver on the most ambitious project goals.   The firm is currently leading the Carrville Community Centre, Library, and District Park project in Vaughan which includes a skate trail, playground and sports courts within a 10-acre park and a 90,000 sq. ft. community recreation centre.  Since 2008, Matheson has led a variety of construction projects throughout Ontario, including many in York Region, such as the new York Region Paramedic Services station in Markham and York Region Transit Bus Facility Expansion in Richmond Hill.  

    The Town of Newmarket has awarded Matheson Constructors Ltd. with the contract to construct the park portion, following the Mulock Property Master Plan developed by PLANT Architect Inc. (PLANT) and the Town, inspired by the community's collective vision. 

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