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May 16 to 22 is National Public Works Week! This year, we recognize that Public Works staff are 'stronger together' and challenges everyone to think about the role public works plays in creating a great place to live. By working together, the impact citizens and public works professionals can have on their communities is magnified and results in the ability to accomplish goals once thought unattainable. Let's celebrate with these 10 fun facts about the Public Works profession in Newmarket:

10 fun facts about Public Works Services 

  1. Public Works staff created a butterfly garden in Ken Sturgeon Park to help with pollination and increase the dwindling butterfly population. Butterflies play an important role in our ecosystem. They pollinate flowers and protect your gardens by feeding on aphids, which can help keep nuisance insects away. 

  2. Public Works staff maintain over 340 km of water mains, 3,800 municipality-owned and maintained water vales and 2,266 municipality-owned fire hydrants. To ensure the highest quality of water for our community, Public Works staff test 24 samples of water on a weekly basis for E.coli, other forms of bacteria and contaminants such as lead. 

  3. Our fleet team of mechanics is responsible for repairs and maintenance of all vehicles and equipment used by Town of Newmarket staff. This includes snowplows, sidewalk snow plows, Town of Newmarket cars and trucks, forestry trucks, lawn mowers, zamboni's and more! 

  4. It takes approximately 918,719 litres of water to fill the pool at the Magna Centre. Public Works facility staff continuously monitor and test the water levels at the pools to ensure it is safe for the community. 

  5. A zamboni driven by a Public Works Service staff member takes approximately 8 laps to complete one ice surface. The ice surface at a Town of Newmarket rink is approximately 1¼ inch to 1 inch 1/2. 

  6. Public Works staff regularly inspect and maintain all playground equipment in Newmarket to ensure that they are always safe for our community.

  7. Public Works staff work around the clock during the winter months to ensure that all roads and sidewalks are salted, sanded and plowed for our community. During the winter, you can track snowplowing status by using the Locate my Plow app! 

  8. In 2016 the Town of Newmarket generated 331 kg/capita of waste, putting us in 6th place for waste generation in York Region. Let's continue to ensure waste, recycling, green bin items and yard waste is properly sorted and disposed of so we can decrease waste we generate.  

  9. Public Works road staff complete work such as catch basin cleaning, line painting and road improvements such as resurfacing and pothole repairs and more to ensure that you can get from point A to B safely. 

  10. Public Works staff hosts an awesome Touch a Truck event every year at our Operations Centre. This free, fun and hands-on event allows you to touch, explore and get up close and personal with vehicles, trucks, equipment and more. However, due to the pandemic, this year's event has been cancelled. We hope to host this event again soon! 

About National Public Works Week

National Public Works Week takes place from May 16 to 22. This year marks the 61st annual National Public Works Week in North America. Canadian Public Works Association has selected Stronger Together as its theme for 2021 National Public Works Week. This year's theme highlights the impact that public works professionals have on modern civilization. 

Public Works Services determines a society's quality of life through providing clean water, disposing of solid waste, building roads and bridges, removing snow on roadways and devising emergency management strategies to meet natural or manmade disasters and more.

The Canadian Public Works Association and the Town of Newmarket honours the vital contribution public works professionals make everyday to communities all across North America and invites the public to celebrate their quiet dedication and indispensible influence on our way of life.