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The Newmarket Hall of Fame will honour the town's greatest athletes and builders.  It is being established to celebrate the outstanding historical tradition of athletic achievement and leadership demonstrated in the Town of Newmarket. The Newmarket Sports Hall of Fame is located on the 1st floor of the Magna Centre, just before the entrance to the team changing rooms. It`s our mission to honour those individuals and teams from Newmarket who have achieved honour and recognition through sport.

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Definition of a Sport:

A Sport shall be an athletic activity deemed so by the Newmarket Sports Hall of Fame Committee (Committee).  The Committee will primarily refer to sports recognized by national and international Governing Bodies, such as, but not limited to Sport Canada and the International Olympic Committee and may revise the list of sports from time to time.

Selection Criteria:


Athletes and Teams - An individual or team that has excelled in sport(s) in competition with peer athletes or teams.

Builder - A builder is an individual whose interest in and work for sport resulted in a climate which benefited sport in Newmarket.

Level of Achievement

An athlete's level of achievement in competitive sport, more than any other consideration should determine his/her candidacy for the Hall of Fame.  Those admitted to the Hall must have a proven record of excellence in competitive sport, taking into consideration such factors as the level of competition (local, provincial, national or global), the classification (open, senior, intermediate, masters), the records set, the number and significance of awards won, the skill and ability levels, and the standards achieved.

A Builder will be viewed not on the level of achievement, but most importantly on the significance and importance of their contribution to sport.  The variety and the level of positions held, the importance of work done, awards and honours earned, advancements made and their role in provided opportunities are all important factors to consider


Eligibility is restricted to Newmarket Athletes and builders of sport.  The athlete involved must have been a resident of Newmarket at the time of performance, or have performed outside of Newmarket while still being considered a resident or product of Newmarket.  In addition, the athlete or builder may be considered if from an outlying area, if it can be documented that he/she was viewed by the province or nation as being from Newmarket, and thereby having conferred honour upon Newmarket.

Active Status

Athletes nominated must have concluded their careers in the sport, or at the level, for which nominated, at least five years prior to nomination, or have reached the age of fifty years.

Builders may include officials, sponsors, executives, trainers, owners, coaches, etc, whose work over an extended period has been outstanding in providing a consistently high level of contribution to the sports community.  Any person nominated in the builder category shall be eligible at any time, as that person might be active in his/her role over an entire lifetime.

Nomination Process:

Nominations may be submitted by athletes, media and any member of the community with an interest in Sports in Newmarket.  Nominators are encouraged to supply as much supporting detail as possible while completing the nomination.  The Committee will be responsible to obtain any additional research and validate the factual basis of each submission.

All nominee files which are not selected for induction will be reconsidered each year for a period of 3 years.  A nominator may submit a newly prepared nomination for the nominee at the expiration of a two year waiting period.  Any nomination may be destroyed after consideration before the 3 year period at the request of the nominator.

In all cases of nominations rejected by the Committee, letters will be sent to the nominator by the Committee, to the nominator explaining the procedure and asking if there is any additional information that may be relevant to the nomination.  As well, all files are kept by the Hall for any historical information they may contain.  No files will be destroyed.

Each year, the selection committee will select from the nominations received and on file at the Hall.

No sitting member of the Committee shall be considered for election into the Newmarket Sports Hall of Fame.

The Newmarket Sports Hall of Fame Committee reserves the right to review and make changes to the selection criteria as deemed necessary. All decisions of the Committee will be final.

Induction Ceremony:

Each newly elected member of the Newmarket Sports Hall of Fame shall be formally inducted at an official ceremony to take place in the Council Chambers at the Newmarket Municipal Office.

Commemorations in the Newmarket Sports Hall of Fame shall be in a fashion deemed appropriate by the Committee.  Photographs and documentation may be placed in the Hall of Fame display facilities at the discretion of the Committee.

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