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Stormwater Charge Frequently Asked Questions

What is stormwater? 
Stormwater is the rain and melted snow that flows from your property, onto the streets and into the storm drains. Along the way, the stormwater picks up debris, chemicals and other pollutants from rooftops and paved surfaces that enter the storm drains and watercourses.
What is the Stormwater Charge? 
The stormwater charge is a user fee that will be used to help fund Newmarket's Stormwater Management program. The stormwater charge came into effect in 2017. Prior to 2017, stormwater management was funded through property taxes and the water bill. 
What is Stormwater Management? 
The Town provides stormwater management services to protect the community and environment from stormwater runoff. Stormwater runoff is water that flows off properties mostly due to rain and snow events. Hard surfaces like roofs, driveways, and parking lots increase the amount of runoff from each property. Stormwater management controls water flow quantity in order to help prevent flooding and water flow quality in order to protect the environment.
What will the Stormwater Charge contribute to? 
The stormwater charge will be used to continue to fund stormwater management infrastructure, maintenance and projects for Newmarket. Learn more about some stormwater management projects the Town is currently undertaking at
Why did the Town introduce a Stormwater Charge?

Newmarket is a growing community and there is more stormwater than ever before due to climate change. A stormwater charge will help fund Newmarket's stormwater management services and help address our three major challenges:

  • Flood Protection
    • Severe weather events that used to happen every forty years now happens every six. As a consequence, damage from storm events has recently become the biggest cause for insurance claims in Canada. This rate will help us adapt and protect homes and businesses in Newmarket from severe weather events.
  • Environmental Protection
    • As water runs off properties, it can carry contaminants with it. Runoff from urban and rural areas have upset Lake Simcoe's ecosystem. The Town is developing a comprehensive stormwater management master plan, as per the regulatory requirements outlined in the Lake Simcoe Protection Act, to restore waterways and breeding grounds
  • Stormwater Infrastructure
    • The Town has 53 ponds, 55 kilometres of waterways and 225 kilometres of sewers that are maintained and replaced as they age. This user rate will provide a funding source that is reliable, predictable, and fair to ensure the service can continue to be effectively run in the future.
Where does the stormwater currently go? 
Stormwater from rain and snow melt naturally soaks into the ground in a process called infiltration. With Newmarket being an urbanized community with houses, roads, parking lots and other hard surfaces, these factors prevent water from infiltrating into the ground. The disruption to the water cycle means that stormwater runs off to other areas, such as ponds and watercourses, which can lead to flooding, and other environmentally damaging effects.
What is the difference between the stormwater charge and the water and wastewater charge? 
The stormwater charge is a new user fee that will be used to fund Newmarket's Stormwater Management program. The water and wastewater charge is part of the Newmarket portion of your NT Power bill. The water and wastewater charge is used to fund the maintenance of water and wastewater infrastructure and separate from the storm drain infrastructure. Learn more about water and wastewater in Newmarket.
Stormwater from my property does not flow into the town's storm drains, can i forgo paying the stormwater charge?
Stormwater from your property that doesn't flow into the Town's storm drains means that your stormwater runoff is not controlled by any stormwater infrastructure. To make up for the lack of controls in your area, additional controls need to be placed elsewhere in the Town. 
Is there a credit program for residents? 
There are currently no credits towards the stormwater charge for residential properties. However, the Town is offering a subsidized backyard tree-planting program for residents as a thank you for being environmentally conscious. To extend our appreciation, the Town is partnering with a community organization, (LEAF) Local Enhancement and Appreciation and the Regional Municipality of York to offer highly subsidized backyard tree plantings to Newmarket residents. Any Newmarket resident who would like a backyard tree can contact LEAF directly. The Town will cover an additional $100 towards the purchase prices of one tree per property through this already subsidized Backyard Tree Planting Program.​ 
Is there a credit program for commercial and industrial property owners?
Yes, there is a credit program for commercial and industrial property owners. More information on the credit program can be viewed here​
Is Newmarket the only municipality that has a stormwater charge?
Other municipalities such as the Town of Aurora, Town of Richmond Hill, City of Markham, City of Mississauga, City of Ottawa and the City of Waterloo are just a few examples of municipalities who have a stormwater management fee/charge.
Can I appeal my stormwater charge?
If you feel there are inaccuracies during the process of calculating your stormwater charge due to the property size noted by your property assessment, please call MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporate) at Toll Free 1-866-296-MPAC (6722) to have the property size recalculated. Otherwise, please note that only properties that are exempt from user fees under legislation are eligible to appeal their stormwater charge. For more information, call the Town of Newmarket at 905-895-5193.
I am a renting a place in Newmarket, do I still need to pay the Stormwater charge on my Hydro Bill?
Yes, all charges on your NT Power bill are expected to be paid in full. However, we encourage tenants to speak with their landlord about the Stormwater Charge as the charge was previously issued through property taxes. If you have further questions regarding the stormwater charge, please give the Town of Newmarket a call at 905-895-5193 or email