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About the water meter replacement program 

WAMCO installer conducting a water meter upgrade

The Town of Newmarket's water meter replacement program aims to replace and upgrade all water meters in Newmarket so that the Town can improve wireless two-way communication between your water meter and the Town’s water meter infrastructure. There is no cost to residents to participate in this project and the installations and upgrades will be done by the Town's contractor WAMCO.  Please note that this is a mandatory program. Having a working water meter is mandatory under the Town's Water Meter By-law 2017-49. 

Benefits of the Water Meter Replacement Program include: 

  • The ability for the Town to conduct remote water meter readings. No physical visits will be required to obtain water meter readings which will result saved time and improved efficiency
  • Improved water meter reading accuracy. If the resident's water meter was previously over-registering or under-registering, the new water meter will now measure the water usage accurately.
  • The future ability for the Town with the future ability to identify leaks and losses within the system before they become a larger issue. 
  • The future ability for residents to be able to track water usage through an online portal.
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Current status of the Water Meter Replacement Program

Water meter replacements for Residential Properties (Second Phase) - Current Phase

The second phase of the Water Meter Replacement Program will replace water meters for approximately 18,000 households. This work is now undergoing. 

Households will be selected on an area-by-area basis. Those selected will receive a letter in the mail and will be required to book an in-person appointment within seven days of receiving the letter with the Town’s contractor WAMCO to replace their water meter. WAMCO installers will need to access the water meter inside the home and install a water meter reader outside of the home. There is no cost to residents to participate in this mandatory program and an adult (18+ years old) is required to be at home for the duration of the appointment. Residents are encouraged to review the water meter replacement booklet to learn more about the program and how to prepare your home for the appointment. 

Booking an appointment: 

Only book an appointment with WAMCO if you have received a letter in the mail. Make sure to book an appointment that corresponds to the 'ZONE' number noted in the top right hand corner of the letter. 

If you did not receive a letter in the mail indicating your eligibility, please wait until you receive a letter in the mail before booking an appointment. Installers are working in certain areas of Town and are not able to deviate from the scheduled routes.

​ZONE 130

​ZONE 13


​ZONE 30

​ZONE 31 


​ZONE 37

​ZONE 21 & 22

​Appointment for Water Meter Reading Issues - ZONE WR 

​Appointment for ICI Properties - ZONE COM 

If you don't see what you are looking for above, visit wamco.as.me to book an apointment. You can also call WAMCO at 1-833-926-2626 to book an appointment 

Additional Program Information 

Water Meter Upgrades for ICI properties 
As of July 2021, the Towns contractor WAMCO will begin to work on water meter replacements for ICI accounts. ICI accounts eligible for a water meter replacement will receive a letter in the mail indicating their eligibility. WAMCO will contact ICI properties to schedule a time to replace the water meter. ICI properties can also proactively call WAMCO at 1-833-926-2626 or visit wamco.as.me to book an appointment based on your water meter size. Your water meter size is located on the notice. 

First Phase: Water Meter Replacement Program
At the end of March 2021, the Town will begin the first phase of the water meter replacement program which will upgrade water meter for approximately 7,000 households and businesses in Newmarket. All water meters that are less than 10 years old will have a unit installed on the outside portion of their home/building. The Town's contractor WAMCO will be carrying out the water meter upgrades. There is no cost for residents to have their water meter upgraded. You do not need to be home during this installation. 

You will receive a letter in the mail with an approximate timeframe of when the WAMCO contractor will be in your neighbourhood to upgrade your water meter. If the water meter upgrade is unsuccessful, you will receive a letter in the mail notifying you of this. You address will be placed on a list for the Town to revisit at a later date. 

Safety Protocols for WAMCO installers
WAMCO installers will be subject to a daily health screening process before heading to work. Residents are asked to please give WAMCO installers their space when they are performing the water meter upgrade. Should you have any questions, please give the Town of Newmarket a call at 905-895-5193 or email info@newmarket.ca