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Newmarket has achieved various environmental milestones and garnered recognition for the community's ongoing commitment to being clean and green.


Council declares a climate emergency for the Town of Newmarket


Town purchases Mulock Farm Estate for a Central Park


Lions Park Wetland Project Completed

Town subsidizes LEAF Backyard Tree Planting Program

Ray Twinney Complex Low Impact Development Stormwater Retrofit completed

Town adopts Public Tree Protection By-law


Council Adopts Blue Dot Movement

Forest Glen Low Impact Development Pilot Project completed

Yellow Fish Road Project

As a part of the Yellow Fish Road program, Town staff are painted yellow fish near storm drains in the downtown area to highlight catch basins that drain directly into the East Holland River. What goes into Newmarket's storm drains flows untreated into local watercourses, groundwater and into Lake Simcoe

Community Energy Plan adopted by Council

Newmarket began the two year process of developing a Community Energy Plan (CEP), a comprehensive long-term plan to identify ways to support our local economy by increasing our community's competitiveness, creating jobs in the energy sector, improving energy efficiency, and improving energy security. The CEP will look at the types of energy we use as a community, how much energy is used by our home and buildings, our travel, and how population, employment and land use impact our energy needs.

Solar Installed on Magna Community Centre

The system is a 500 kilowatt system and consists of 1950 panels on the roof.  


Making the switch to LED's

The installation of over 7,500 LED (light-emitting diode) street light fixtures throughout Newmarket was completed. The Town is expected to save over $300,000 in electricity costs annually while reducing service and operational costs by over $310,000 each year (including cost avoidance) as a result of the switch to LED fixtures. 


Town Operations Centre built to LEED Silver Standards

Located at Maple Hill Drive, the building is the first of kind.


 Environmental Park in Northwest Quadrant Established

Located in the Northwest Quadrant of Town and includes 200 acres of protected woodlands.


Noreen and the story of a green town

In celebration of Canadian Environment Week in 2008, the Town of Newmarket produced Noreen & the story of a green town, the first storybook ever produced by the Town, which was distributed to all grade 1 students in Newmarket.

This book captures a day-in-the-life of Newmarket's environmental heroine Noreen as she journeys through Newmarket along with a cast of eco-conscious characters, including Binny the green bin, and Lucy the Ladybug.

Newmarket EcoLogic homes

Newmarket is the home of Canada's first environmentally-friendly subdivision.  In 2008, construction began on 34 EcoLogic homes. These homes will achieve and exceed specific environmental targets, including a 50 per cent reduction in household water draws, a 35 per cent reduction in overall discharge flows and a 60 per cent reduction in solid waste, greenhouse gas production and energy consumption compared to conventional homes. Newmarket was awarded a Sustainable Community Award from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) for this ground-breaking subdivision of LEED Platinum homes.


The Bin is in! Newmarket's green bin collection

Newmarket launched the Green Bin program in partnership with Aurora, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, King and Whitchurch-Stouffville. York Region’s evaluation of the first two weeks of the program found that Newmarket’s diversion rate of 78 per cent was the top in York Region.Green bin waste is collected to be converted into rich compost used for farming or landscape as opposed to going into our landfill. For more information on Newmarket's green bin program, visit the waste and recycling page.

Woodlot Preservation Bylaw

Council adopted a Woodlot Preservation by law to preserve and protect natural heritage areas in the Town. The bylaw states that it is an offense to injure or destroy a tree in a woodlot


Proud to be pesticide free

In keeping with the Town's commitment to the environment, Newmarket passed a bylaw prohibiting the cosmetic use of pesticides on private and public property in 2008. Doing so encourages a more natural approach to caring for lawns and gardens ultimately benefitting the health of residents and their pets.

For more information on how to be pesticide free, meet Newmarket's anti-pesticide expert Lucy the Ladybug.

Honeywell Energy Saving Program

A Town-wide energy savings program that will see the installation of over 7,500 LED (light-emitting diode) street light fixtures throughout Newmarket is currently underway. The Town is expected to save over $300,000 in electricity costs annually while reducing service and operational costs by over $310,000 each year (including cost avoidance) as a result of the switch to LED fixtures.

Smart Commute Starts

Smart Commute Central York was launched in 2006 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce traffic congestion and promote healthier lifestyles through the promotion of sustainable modes of transportation for work commutes. The Town has since partnered with the Regional Municipality of York  and the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce to create the Transportation Management Association - Smart Commute Central York .


Break the habit – Newmarket's Idle Free

Newmarket's ant-idling campaign was launched in 2006 during Newmarket's anti-idling week. This campaign focuses on promoting the anti-idling bylaw, educating the public about the negative impacts of motor vehicle idling and promoting good habits motorist should adopt.

For more information, visit Newmarket's idle free page.


Newmarket Green Fund

The Town created a fund where one per cent of all municipal taxes collected for the purchase of environmentally significant lands in Town. In 2006 and 2007, Council reaffirmed this allocation of funds for environmental purposes and in 2007 used a portion of the fund to purchase a more environmentally friendly vehicle for parking enforcement. This fund is no longer in effect.


Smog Summit: Clean Air and Climate Change

The Town of Newmarket continues to lead the way on many environmental fronts, including the ongoing assessment of its operational impact on the environment. Committed to the Partners for Climate Protection program since 2001, Newmarket Council is steadfast to improve our own community and our world by attending annual Smog Summits hosted by the Clean Air Partnership as part of the Greater Toronto Area Initiative.