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Tree protection in Newmarket takes several forms. This page provides information on the various ways that trees are regulated and protected in Newmarket.

  • Trees that are on land owned by the Town, including trees in boulevard between the curb and a private property line, are protected by the Public Tree Protection By-law.
  • Trees that are located in certain dense wooded areas in Newmarket are regulated by the Woodlot By-law.
  • Trees that are located in certain large wooded tracts may be regulated by the York Region Forest Conservation By-law.
  • Trees and properties that are subject to Planning Act applications are regulated by the Tree Preservation, Protection, Replacement and Enhancement Policy.
  • The Town is currently consulting on whether to enact a by-law to regulate or protect trees on privately-owned lands that are not subject to a Planning Act application.

Public Tree By-law

​Public Tree Protection By-law

​​Town-owned trees are occasionally injured or removed. This may be done by the Town to remove an unhealthy tree, or with the Town's permission by a resident or developer to allow for a change to a private property. ​In order to ensure that Town-owned trees are protected and that requests to injure or remove them are evaluated consistently, Council approved the Public Tree Protection By-law regulating the injury and removal of Town-owned trees. By-law 2017-59

  1. Prohibits the injury or removal of any Town-owned trees
  2. Establishes a permit process to review requests to injure or remove Town-owned trees
  3. Requires compensation for any trees that the Town allows to be injured or removed
  4. Creates offences and fines for which anyone injuring or removing Town-owned trees without a permit
If you have concerns about the health of a Town-owned tree please fill out the Tree Boulevard Request Form, or call the Town at 905-895-5193.

Woodlot By-law

Trees that are located in certain small densely-forested areas are regulated by Woodlot By-law 2007-71. This by-law requires a permit before any injury or removal of a tree in these areas takes place. The by-law may require replanting of trees, remediation of injury, financial compensation or removed trees, or other conditions to the approval of a request to remove trees. To see whether a tree may be located in an area regulated by the Woodlot By-law, consult the map that is a schedule to the By-law here. For greater clarity, contact Planning Services at 

Tree Preservation, Protection, Replacement and Enhancement Policy 

The Tree Policy establishes the Town of Newmarket’s policy for the preservation, protection, replacement and enhancement of significant trees on lands subject to a Planning Act Application. This includes properties that are part of an application for a:
  • Zoning by-law amendment or Official Plan amendment
  • Plan of subdivision
  • Plan of condominium
  • Minor Variance
  • Consent (severance)
The Policy requires the submission of an arborist report with any Planning Act application, and ensures that any trees to be protected are properly considered during the development review process, and that the removal of any significant tree is compensated for by replanting's on-site or by financial compensation for the Town to replant trees off-site.

Private Tree Protection 

The Town is currently consulting on whether to implement a by-law to regulate the removal of trees on privately-owned property. You can share your thoughts on the Town's consultation and engagement site here.

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