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Newmarket's Digital Transformation Strategy (DTS) serves as an overarching blue print for the Town that will improve its service delivery to residents while finding operational efficiencies in order to build a digital future for Newmarket. The DTS was developed with its consultant StrategyCorp, a Toronto based advisory firm and it has been approved by Newmarket Council in November 2021 and fully funded by the Province of Ontario’s Province of Ontario’s Audit and Accountability Fund. Digital Transformation Study Framework Image

The DTS focuses on rethinking how the Town uses technology and identifies its current strengths and weaknesses. Key organizational impacts of the DTS include:

  1. Improved service accessibility, convenience and transparency through digitization and modernization 
  2. Improved operational efficiency and development of core digital capabilities and competencies 
  3. Enhanced ability to take on new challenges (i.e. the new future of work) 
The DTS also provides a Digital Vision along with Guiding Principles to be considered during the implementation phase. The Digital Vision is set to be achieved through 21 supporting initiatives and reinforced by a set of risks and mitigation tactics that are set to take place over the next five years.  

The Digital Vision Elements include: 
  1. Improve residents’ ability to easily and digitally interact with Town services on their terms. 
  2. Make it as easy as possible to access information and data related to the Town. 
  3. Create broader, deeper, and more meaningful collaboration and engagement within the Town, with the public, and with other partners. 
  4. Internally automate, digitize, and revitalize processes and information to reduce duplication and enhance outcomes. 
  5. Enable the future of work through processes, technology, policies, and a progressive culture. 

Progress of the Digital Transformation Strategy 

Follow the progress of the Digital Transformation Strategy at The webpage will be updated regularly and have public input opportunities in order to build Newmarket's digital future.