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​The Town of Newmarket reminds residents to consider the following before making landscape improvements:

  • Do not place objects upon the grass boulevard or store materials on the paved portion of the road as this will inhibit excavations or the removal of snow from the road or sidewalk.

    • The road allowance is designed as a utility corridor, an area for snow storage and a space for sidewalks.

  • Town policy prohibits the storing of material on any portion of the road for safety hazard concerns.

    • If such obstructions exists, it will be removed by the Town at its discretion.

  • All driveway curbs that border on a sidewalk or road should be one foot from the sidewalk or road so they do not damage equipment or cause injury during snow removal operations

 If you notice a sidewalk hazard, crack, hole or uneven concrete, please contact the Town of Newmarket at 905-895-5193.