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Every year the Town undertakes a Road Resurfacing Program to restore the road surface on distressed roads.

The following is the general sequence of events that will take place on your street during this contract:

  1. Curb repairs and adjustments to manholes and catchbasins. This will take anywhere from 2 days to a week to complete on each street depending on the number of repairs needed. These repairs are meant to eliminate pooling water and to restore drainage to the catchbasins.
  2. Repairs to driveways and sod, as required, from the curb repairs and adjustments.
  3. Removal of the existing asphalt surface by grinding. This will take place anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks after the curb repairs and adjustments are completed.
  4. Placement of a new surface course of asphalt to restore the road surface and improve drainage. This work generally takes place within a week of the road surface being removed.
  5. Line painting as required.

There are a number of streets to be completed under this contract every year so the exact timing of each street is dependent on the completion of the other streets before it. Generally expect work to start within 2 to 4 days once the curb repairs have been marked out.


Access to residential driveways may be restricted during the curb repair portion, but generally the driveways are reopened within 48 hours after removals. This allows the contractor time to complete the work and allows time for the concrete to set. During this time, residents will be allowed to park in front of their house overnight to reduce the inconvenience.

The only other restriction impacted residents may have accessing their driveway is during the days of paving and grinding. Please speak with the staff on-site and they will kindly assist with access and egress in the driveways. There may be a a 5-10 minute delay in this situation.


Along with the above, the Town will be completing cathodic protection to some of the watermains on the streets within this project. Cathodic protection is a means of extending the life of metallic watermains. Generally, work under this item consists of the contractor digging down to the watermain at regular intervals and installing a magnesium anode on the pipe, then backfilling and restoring the surface to the original condition. This work will take place throughout the duration of this contract.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns about this project you can contact the Customer Service Department at, or by phone at 905-895-5193.