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The Town of Newmarket is working to create a more comfortable environment for residents to walk, cycle and drive. As part of this effort, the Town has developed a comprehensive network implementation plan. The Active Transportation Implementation Plan (ATIP) has identified the timing of the implementation of the routes throughout the Town where better facilities such as trails or bicycle lanes would help residents walk, cycle or roll to their destinations. The Town has examined, in detail, the potential challenges and costs associated with each route, and have confirmed a network that can be implemented in an efficient way using available funding.

The Active Transportation Implementation Plan builds upon work completed by the Region of York and the Town in 2014 (the Network Summary Report) and other local and regional active transportation supportive documents/references.

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Active Transportation in Newmarket Today

This is an exciting time for the Town of Newmarket, as the recently constructed East-West Bikeway and the existing Tom Taylor Trail form key active transportation corridors in Newmarket. The Active Transportation Implementation Plan has connected these corridors enabling a strong foundation for a vibrant, urban and multi-modal future. The Town is building upon a strong foundation of on and off-road walking, cycling and rolling facilities.

The Town of Newmarket, with its partners at York Region, and local organizations such as the Newmarket Eagles and Cycle Newmarket, has been promoting and encouraging people to be more active using local opportunities. York Region supports local municipalities in the promotion of active transportation opportunities and has numerous resources and references online to help promote the exciting things that are going on in and around Newmarket and the Region. 

Relevant Documents

There are lots of other interesting reports, plans and references related to cycling within the Province of Ontario, the Regional Municipality of York and the Town of Newmarket. The following are some links you may find interesting.


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