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Please view the Bids and Tenders Vendor Guide for more information and a step-by-step guide to submit a bid online using Newmarket's Bid Opportunities System.

1. What Is Newmarket's Bid Opportunities System?

The Corporation of the Town of Newmarket uses an Online Bidding System for all Bid Opportunities. This system allows for vendors to preview bid documents (prior to paying any document fees, where applicable), register as a plan taker, acknowledge addendums, edit, submit and/or withdraw bid submissions and resubmit as required. Vendors are encouraged to create a free account to receive e-mail notifications of any Bid Opportunities matching their organization's commodity type.

2. Does The Town Of Newmarket Accept Paper Bids?

No, the Town of Newmarket only accepts electronic bid submissions through the Newmarket Bidding System website, unless otherwise stated in the Bid Document.

3. Does The Town Of Newmarket Have Public Openings?

The Town of Newmarket no longer has public openings. Unofficial results are posted on the Bid Opportunities website shortly after bid closing.

4. Does The Procurement Department Have Instant Access To My Bid?

No, the Bidding System places all bid submissions into a virtual lock box where they cannot be viewed by Town Officials until after the closing date and time.

5. How Do I View Bid Opportunities?

All Bid Opportunities can be viewed on the Bid Opportunities Home Page. To view current opportunities, select the "Open" status in the Search Criteria and click Search. To view previously awarded bids, unofficial results, and archived bids, you are able to do so through the status column in the search function.

6. How Do I Create An Account?

Vendors are encouraged to create a free vendor account here.

If there is another individual(s) in the organization who require access to view, edit, acknowledge addendums, submit and/or withdraw bids on your behalf – they can be added by click on the "add another contact" button once a primary account has been created.

When creating a Vendor Account DO NOT invite additional contacts that you DO NOT want to have access to view, edit, submit and/or withdraw your bids or who may be in direct competition (for example; a company may have two divisions that could be competing for the same Bid Opportunity).

It is your sole responsibility to keep your additional invited contact(s) current and delete any contacts that you DO NOT want to have ability to submit, edit and/or withdraw your company bid submissions (for example; delete any contact that is no longer employed with your company).

7. How Do I Check If My Company Already Has An Account?

An organization can have numerous contacts under the company profile. Once a primary account has been created, the organization has the option to add multiple users who will have the same access to the bid opportunities site. Accounts are associated with your e-mail address.

If you are unsure if your company has an account, please contact the Procurement Services Department at (905) 953-5335. This will ensure there is no duplication in the system.  

8. How Will Vendors Get Up-To-Date Information About New Bid Opportunities?

Once an account has been created on the Bid Opportunities website, vendors will automatically received e-mail notifications matching their commodity code selection.

9. Is There A Cost To Submit Online?

Prospective bidders may preview all bid documents at no cost to determine if the Bid is of interest to their company. The price of bid documents varies depending on the bid opportunity. The price of the bid document is displayed in "Bid Details" (excluding any applicable taxes).

10. How Do I Pay For My Bid Document?

When registering to become a plan taker, you will be prompted to a payment screen. The Town of Newmarket accepts VISA and MasterCard.

11. How Do I Register As A Plan Taker?

To register as a plan taker, you must first create an account here. Once you have created a vendor account, go to the Bids Homepage and scroll down to the bid opportunities. You will be able to click on the "Register for this Bid" button.  A fee for the bid document will be required depending on the bid opportunity.

12. What Are The System Requirements?

Newmarket's Bidding System is accessible to anyone with a computer and a reliable Internet connection. For optimal browser compatibility, please use Firefox or Google Chrome.

13. How Do I Know Addendum/Addenda Have Been Issued?

All Addendum/Addenda shall be issued through the Bidding System. All registered plan takers shall receive an e-mail notification advising that addendum/addenda have been posted. If the Bidder has already submitted their bid, the Bidding System will automatically withdraw their submission and change the status of their submission to an "Incomplete Status" (NOT accepted by the Owner).

Bidders should check online at prior to submitting their bid and up until Bid closing time and date in the event additional addendums are issued. 

14. Am I Able To Make Changes Or Withdraw My Bid After I've Submitted?

Bidders may edit or withdraw their bid submission at any time prior to the closing time and date.

15. What Is Stopping Me From Submitting A Bid?

If you are having difficulty submitting a bid, please check the following:

  1. Ensure you are using the recommended Internet Browsers: Firefox or Google Chrome
  2. In the submission, every tab must have a green checkmark indicating that all the mandatory requirements have been completed. If a field has been missed, there will be a red exclamation mark.
  3. In the "Preview My Bid" Tab, a red box will appear indicating warnings and errors in the bid submission. By clicking "Fix it!" button the system will direct you to the error's location.

If you try to process your bid submission past the closing date/time, you will receive a message stating that you have missed the deadline and your bid cannot be accepted.

If you still experience any difficulties, please contact the Procurement Services Department at (905) 953-5335.

16. How Do I Know I Have Successfully Submitted My Bid?

Bidders will automatically receive an e-mail notification confirming their bid submission.

If you wish to download a copy of your bid submission, you will be able to after clicking the "Submit My Bid" button.

17. How Can I See The Status Of The Bid?

To see the status of the bid, go to the search engine on the Bid Opportunities website - Change the status to "All"  and enter the Bid Number. The status of a bid will be indicated under "Bid Details".

18. Can Other Vendors See That I've Submitted A Bid?

Prior to bid closing, only a list of plan takers will be available. Once the bid has closed, a summary of bid submissions, plan takers and award results (if available) are posted in the Bid Details section after the bid.

19. Who Do I Contact If I Am Having Issues Submitting?

If you experience any difficulties, please contact the Procurement Services Department at (905) 953-5335.