Subdivisions and Condominiums

​​​​​​A Plan of Subdivision is a legal survey that divides a parcel of land into smaller lots or blocks and secures the developer's obligations through a subdivision agreement. Applications for Plan of Subdivision are made to the Town of Newmarket. Usually applications for Plans of Subdivisions are required where more than three lots or new roads or extensions to existing roads or services are being created. The Town's Plan of Subdivision Manual provides an overview of the Town's subdivision development process. This guideline is intended to assist owners/developers, and their consultants in understanding the Town's procedures but it does not replace any municipal by-laws or standards currently in effect with respect to development. 

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A Plan of Subdivision is a means to create lots to be sold individually. An application for a Plan of Subdivision must be approved by Town Council, which has the authority to grant draft approval. Once draft approved, a subdivision agreement must be entered into with the Town. A subdivision agreement ensures that all concerns of the municipality and other government agencies are adhered to by the developer. 


The Planning Department reviews plans for condominium developments. Applications for condominium approval would typically be submitted in combination with a site plan application. For more information on plans of condominium and condominium applications, please contact the Planning Department.