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Grade 2: Victorian Winter Celebrations in Newmarket

Curriculum Connections: Grade 2 Social Studies
Strand A. Heritage and Identity: Changing Family and Community Traditions
Learn about the traditions of 3 different Newmarket families during Victorian times: Rogers (Quaker), Roe (Anglo-Saxon), Sutherland (Scottish). 

Click here to download the Grade 2 Learning Activities Pdf - Victorian Winter Celebrations in Newmarket

Click here to download the New Grade 2 Learning Activities Pdf - Relating Science and Technology in our Environment

Bonus Activities

Holiday Greeting Card to Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members:
Practice your best penmanship and send a Holiday Greeting Card to Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members. These men and women won’t be home over the holidays with their loves ones as they are stationed all over the world. 

The address is:

Any Canadian Armed Forces Member

PO Box 5004, Stn Forces

Belleville, ON   K8N 5W6

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Artwork for Seniors:
Create homemade artwork to send to a Senior. Many seniors are suffering from loneliness due to social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Your artwork could brighten someone’s day! Snap a picture or scan your art and email it to They will take care of the rest! 
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