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The Town of Newmarket is proud to offer a wide range of children’s programs for participants aged 0 to 5 years. Our preschool programs offer the opportunity for your little one to explore, play and learn in a fun-filled environment.

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Arts and Culture

Spark creative minds and developing interest in our Arts and Culture programs! Nurture a passion for the arts. Our programs will assist your preschool child to develop confidence, support emerging skills and knowledge leading to pathways to the future in a supportive, engaging and diverse environment.

Program Reminders:

  • Art Classes: Please wear comfortable clothing that you can get messy in!  For any questions, please email

  • Dance Classes: Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes specific to your style of dance. For any questions, please email


Play, grow and learn in our preschool programs! These programs offer the opportunity for your little one to develop independence and confidence in a supportive environment.

Program Reminders:

  • Craft and Playtime & Kindergarten Kick Off: Children must be potty trained to attend these programs. Please wear comfortable clothes and indoor non-marking shoes appropriate for your activity. Labelled water bottles are encouraged.
Program Reminders Coming Soon


Get ready to cheer on your little athlete as they explore the exciting world of sport! Our sport programs will help your little one develop their fundamental movement skills, learn teamwork and stay active in a supportive and playful environment!

Program Reminders:

  • Please wear comfortable clothes and indoor non-marking shoes appropriate for your activity. Please ensure your child uses the washroom prior to going into the program.  Labelled water bottles are encouraged.
  • Skating Programs: All skaters in the Learn to Skate programs are required to have a CSA approved helmet and wear warm clothing, mittens or gloves. All skaters are required to purchase ice skates prior to the program. The Town of Newmarket does not rent skates.  For additional information on skating programs visit:


Program Reminders:

  • Outdoor footwear is not permitted in the showers or on the pool deck, please bring pool shoes. For all swimming information please visit

Technology, Engineering and Science

Embracing science, engineering and technology in your preschool child's learning will build essential foundational skills for life-long learning. Our programs will enhance your preschool child's social and emotional development and embrace universal design concepts for learning in an environment where diversity is welcome.

Program Reminders:

  • Please watch for an introduction email from your program instructor or Vendor with any details required for your program.


Our staff are chosen for their passion for working with people, creativity and leadership skills. Staff are certified in Standard First Aid, CPR “C” and produce a positive Police Vulnerable Sector Check. Staff may also be trained in and HIGH FIVE® Principles of Healthy Child Development.


All Parents/Guardians are responsible for:

  • Discussing appropriate behaviours with their children. The Town of Newmarket follows the same code of conduct as the school systems.

  • Ensuring your child is appropriately dressed for their program of choice.

  • Ensuring your child does not bring valuable items to programs. The Town of Newmarket and its vendors are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Electronic games, iPods, cellphones, money, etc. are not permitted.

  • Guaranteeing your child is toilet trained (unless the class is parent participation). All participants must be toilet trained and independent in the washroom. If an accident occurs, a phone call will be made and the guardian is expected to come in to assist in changing. If your child has specific needs, you may speak with the Recreation Programmer.


The Town of Newmarket strives to provide the highest level of safety and enjoyment to all participants and staff during its camps and programs. Coarse language, bullying, non-compliance, and aggressive or inappropriate behaviour are NOT permitted. 

These behaviours will be documented, reported, and could result in the removal of a participant from the program. If your child has behavioural concerns please speak to the Recreation Programmer - Inclusion & Support Services at and notify them of triggers and methods which are helpful for your child. It is our goal to make our programs enjoyable for everyone!

The Town of Newmarket is dedicated to providing meaningful recreation opportunities to children, youth and adults with disabilities through inclusive and adapted opportunities. Participants are encouraged to pick a program and support level that meets their individualized needs and abilities. For information please visit or contact our Recreation Programmer - Inclusion & Support Services at

In the event of inclement weather, please check, social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) or call 1-877-752-9936 for any program cancellation notices.

Participants are not permitted to bring food products that may contain nuts or traces of nuts (peanuts included) to a Town program or camp. Should items that contain nuts be found, the product will be removed from the area and returned to the parent/guardian. Soy butter also known as “Wow Butter” is not permitted. Although the product is peanut free, it creates a stressor in the program environment for those with an allergy as it looks and smells just like peanut butter.

Parents/Guardians should be aware the Family and Child Services Act requires any suspicion or allegation of child abuse to be reported immediately to the Children’s Aid Society. The Act recognizes that each of us have a responsibility to the welfare of children. It clearly states any member of the public, including professionals who work with children, have the obligation to promptly report to the Children’s Aid Society if they suspect a child is or may be in need of protection. Therefore any evidence or suspicion of neglect, physical, and/or emotional abuse will be reported.


Registered Programs: Photos/Video may only be taken with pre-approval of the instructor, or as otherwise promoted (e.g. Photo Days). 

Drop In Programs: Photo/Video may be taken at any time, but every attempt should be made to be respectful of everyone’s privacy by trying to limit your focus to your friend or family member, unless permission has been given to include others. 

Photo/Video in change rooms and washrooms is prohibited.

The Town of Newmarket aims to “Create Accessible Recreation for Everyone” by offering financial assistance to residents of all ages and abilities on any Town of Newmarket Recreation & Culture registered programs and memberships. See page 101 and 102 for subisdy program options and information.


The Town of Newmarket is dedicated to ensuring all participants have a successful experience. There are times when a child requires more support than our program ratios are able to provide. In these cases, we strongly recommend consulting with us about our support options.

Additional support is required if:

  • Extra support is required at school
  • A disability exists that could affect the safety of the participant or other participants
  • Extra support is required at home for basic care
  • The participant is associated with a support agency and/or program
  • The participant has a safety plan with their educational institution
  • There are behaviours to be managed (ie. biting, scratching, pinching, etc)

Families are required to complete a confidential All About Me Package to help program staff prepare appropriate modifications to facilitate success. When considering a recreation experience, please consider the individual's needs, and that the recreation integrated setting may not be suitable for all persons. Health and Safety of participants and staff is paramount, which could result in participants being denied access to the program. To discuss integration and support needs for upcoming programs, please email or call 905-953-5300 ext. 2821.