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Learn About our History Online!

You can now bring the Elman W. Campbell Museum into your home or classroom with our new Ontario Curriculum based programs and activities. Explore our educational offerings for grades 1 to 6.  Enhance your learning with our new online activities suitable for schools, families and individuals.
Check back often as we continue to build our online platform.

Introduction to Online Learning

Grade 1 

The Elman W. Campbell Museum
Students will learn the purpose of the museum and its relationship with the local community; discover examples of built heritage and how to extract information from a map. Complementary activities included.

Grade 2

Victorian Winter Celebrations in Newmarket

Learn about the traditions of 3 different Newmarket families during Victorian times.  This resource includes ideas to make your own Victorian inspired crafts and additional fun activities.

Grade 3

The Quakers of Newmarket
We travel back in time to 1801 when there was no electricity or modern equipment.  Learn more about the Quaker emigration from the United States and their journey to start a new life in Newmarket. Complementary activities included.


Virtual Escape Room

Can you escape from Vermont with the Quakers during the harsh winter of 1801 and safely make your way to Newmarket by spring?  This educational Grade 3 level platform can be completed in your classroom, as a group, or by individuals. Time yourself for 30 minutes, test your problem solving skills and experience the rush of trying to escape our Virtual Escape Room, The Quakers of Newmarket. Click here to start.

Grade 5

Fur Trading in Newmarket 1603 - 1830

The Fur Trade was one of the earliest and most important industries in North America.  Explore the timeline of fur trade and learn more about Newmarket's early fur traders. Supplementary links to additional learning resources and activities are included.

Grade 6

The Spanish Influenza in Newmarket
Students will learn about the effects of the Spanish Influenza in Newmarket through newspaper clippings and an historic print ad, appearing in the Newmarket Era 1918-1919. This learning resource includes a Covid-19 Time Capsule to help students document their own journey through our current pandemic.


All Ages

Puzzle Pieces
Can you put the toy artifacts from the Elman W. Campbell Museum's collection back together? See examples of what the museum collects. A great activity for both children and adults. Click here to try the Jigsaw Puzzles.


Downtown Newmarket Seek n' Search Family Scavenger Hunt!
The Seek n' Search Family Scavenger Hunt is designed to be challenging yet fun and an exciting way for families to explore downtown Newmarket.
Click here to download the Pdf.

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