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The Town of Newmarket has a new and easy-to-use online registration system called Xplor Recreation! 

This new system will allow access to the following:

  • Search and Register for Recreation & Culture activities, courses and events
  • Discover all available Town spaces and facilities for booking
  • Purchase Memberships, Multi-Visit Passes and Personal Training Sessions
  • Manage memberships
  • Request refunds online
  • Purchase products (such as gift cards, waste bins, waste tags, and more.)
  • Easy to follow "How To"  videos explaining how to get the most of online account services


Accessing System Buttons-06.png

Xplor your new account!

  • Use your temporary password to set your new personal password
  • Add family members
  • Save your financial information
  • Navigate and learn your new account

For assistance see our variety of "How To" videos below!


For easy viewing and full access, log into your Xplor Account.
Alternatively, you may select one of the buttons below for viewing purposes. You will be required to log into your account for any registrations or transactions.

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​Xplor Recreation How to Videos - Click the links to check them out

​Creating Your New Xplor Account

Learn To:
  • Create your account
  • Set your permanent personal password

​Buy Memberships & Multi-Visit Passes

Learn To:

  • View and purchase memberships
  • View and purchase multi-visit passes
  • Manage your membership (holds, transfers & cancellations)

Managing Your Account

Learn To:

  • Add family members
  • Save financial information
  • View memberships
  • View activity registrations
  • View account balances, credits & statements
  • View tax receipts
  • Add documents
  • And more!

View Facility Availability

Learn To:
  • View facility information including address, fees, and description
  • Search and view facility availability
  • Receive contacts for booking purposes

Activity Registration

Learn To:
  • Search, view and register for activities
  • Check out
  • View activity registrations
  • Export a calendar for all of your family activities or add to your electronic calendar
  • Manage online withdrawals/ & request refunds

Using the Online Store

Learn To:
  • Search and purchase items including gift cards and products such as waste bins and tags
  • Place Order
  • Save or Print gift cards


Why did the Town of Newmarket move to a new Recreation registration system?
The Town of Newmarket upgraded its Recreation registration system in November 2022. The previous system has been discontinued. The new system provides users with improved functionality, more convenient access, and additional features.
When does it come into effect?

Key Dates:

  • October 24 - You can now create your account!
  • November 23 - System is live! Use your account to purchase memberships & multi-visit passes, view drop-in programs, view facility availability and purchase online store items!
  • December 7 - Winter program registration for Residents
  • December 14 - Winter program registration for Non-Residents

I previously had a Recreation account. Do I need to create a new one?
Yes. As we transition to this new Recreation system, new accounts must be created for all users
I received an email from communication@perfectmind.com. Is it from the Town of Newmarket?
The email communication@perfectmind.com is not spam, it is from our software vendor and contains your temporary password for your account creation.
I am having difficulty setting/re-setting a password. What are the requirements?

When creating your password, for security purposes your password must include:

  • 11 characters in length
  • Lowercase letter
  • Uppercase letter
  • Number
  • Punctuation Mark
Can I edit my account after it has been created?
You may edit details of your account online at any time. The only restriction is birthdate or photo which may be done at a Customer Service kiosk.
Can I add family members to my account?
You may family member to your account at any time. ​When you log into your account at newmarket.perfectmind.com, go to the “My Info” page and click the​ “Add Family Member” button. Follow the prompts to add a family member to your account.
I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
​If you have forgotten your password, visit newmarket.perfectmind.com​​ and click on the “Forgot your password?” link and follow the steps to reset​ your password.​Note the password reset email will be sent to you from our vendor (communication@perfectmind.com​). ​If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your junk mail folder​.
How do I know if I have a credit on account or an overdue balance?
You can view your credit on account or overdue balance under the “My Info” section of your account.
Do I have to register online or are there alternative methods I can use?
You may visit any of our Customer Service kiosk desks to register.
How do I review which courses I am on the waitlist for?

On your Xplor account, navigate to the ‘Attendance History’ section. Courses which are displayed as “Waiting” under the “Status” column are the courses you’re currently waitlisted on.

How do I find out the status of a membership or multi-visit pass?

You may view all of your memberships in your Xplor account.

Under your name, you will see any memberships or multi-visit passes that are active, expiring or cancelled.

  • Green – active memberships or passes
  • Yellow - soon to expire memberships or passes
  • Grey - cancelled or expired memberships or passes
  • Purple – frozen memberships
  • Red – overdue payment on memberships or passes