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Black History Month 2021 – Standing on Strong Shoulders                                                                                                                

Black History is intricately woven with the voices of bold Black men and women who have consistently resisted systemic injustices against Black bodies.  These stalwarts have been internally driven to voice, not only the need for change, but have also been moved to create and become the change. Advocacy and resistance as a sustained historical and contemporary process requires generational reinforcement, mentorship and strong leadership in order to transform the lived experiences of Black people, not just in Canada, but throughout the diaspora. Black people have always engaged in the process of nurturing opportunities for people to take ownership in becoming self-sufficient, self-confident and self-supporting in social, political, economic and psychological domains. It is not unusual then, that the natural tendency is to go outside one’s self and advocate against a whole systems of injustices. 

We draw inspiration from Rosemary Brown, a Jamaican born Canadian Politician who observed that “we must open the door and we must see to it they remain open so that others can pass through” It is important, then, that we acknowledge the open door and hold it open for others who will later stand on our shoulders to build, empower and propel us into a more just future.

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About Newmarket African Caribbean Canadian Association (NACCA)

NACCA is an emerging association formed by like-minded individuals in the Newmarket area who are committed to providing strong leadership to share and celebrate stories of people from African and Caribbean heritage.

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