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Please remember to always shower before and after entering the pool

Did you know?


  • Showering before and after entering a pool is important and helps to prevent and reduce your chances of contracting recreational water illnesses.
  • Chemicals like chlorine and bromine are added to swimming pools to fight germs, many people don't think about showering before and after getting into a pool. It's important to wash off any perspiration, body oil, sunscreen, lotions, perfumes, urine, and other wastes that may enter the pool with us. Otherwise, the pool's chlorine interacts with these chemicals and creates a by-product called Chloramines that float above the surface and are easily inhaled causing discomfort.

Therefore, please help yourself and fellow swimmers by ensuring you shower with warm, soapy water before and after you swim! This will help keep the pool water clear and clean. Remember to take a rinse shower if you have to exit to go to the bathroom and never swallow pool water. Happy swimming. 

Lane Swim Etiquette


  • Swim in a counter-clockwise circle
  • Swim close to the lane ropes and leave the centre of the lane for passing
  • If you need to pass a swimmer, use good judgement and try touching their feet. If you feel a touch, please stop at the closest wall and allow the swimmer to pass
  • Swim continuously, without stopping. If you need to take a break please stop at the end of the lane and move to the side.
  • Choose a lane that is appropriate to your swimming ability/speed. Lanes are labelled (fast, medium, slow) however speeds will vary day-to-day depending on the other patrons you share a lane with. Please judge your speed relative to other patrons already swimming. You may be asked to move to another lane by the lifeguards to accommodate slower or faster lane swimmers.